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ResumeStats.COM is our newest web application. This remarkable product is a paradigm shift for most people. This service gives power to the job hunter. It provides you with statistics of who and when someone opened your resume. You will know exactly which e-mail address opened your resume. Based on the statistics provided by ResumeStats.COM, you can automatically send a batch of different follow-up e-mails based on whether they click on your resume or not. We don't provide e-mail addresses for you, you give us the e-mail address and we provide a service that eliminates the busy work of quality follow-up correspondence you should do when looking for work. Sending personalized e-mail resumes is really as simple as typing in an e-mail address. Take advantage of this to help you find a job or a better job. If an employer spent some time looking at your resume and passed it around their company, it might be a good indication to go visit them with a suit and a tie. Is an employer or recruiter in another state really interested? With ResumeStats.COM, you know if they looked at your resume just 1 time or 30 times. The wizard to setup your resume is as simple as copying and pasting. If you don't have a place to store your HTML resume on-line you can store it on our website. There is an e-mail wizard to help you through all stages of setup, so you can send personalized e-mails. Personalized e-mails include 1st e-mail, viewed follow-up or two day non-viewed follow-up, and final follow-up useful in finding out if the position is still open. A homepage menu wizard is available if you wish to give employers or recruiters a URL over the phone. An anonymous feedback URL allows employers to provide you with priceless feedback. For experts, the wizards are as customizable as programming your own HTML and dynamic HTML. We also provide stats for any file type you can imagine. For example, collect stats on those who view your Flash SWF, Word DOC, PDF, Text, and HTML files. Typically 200-300 people are applying for the same technical job. In this competitive climate, generally 25-50% of employers are never going to look at your resume. Out of all resumes clicked, 18% of the employers required a final follow-up before they clicked. Collecting stats with ResumeStats.COM will help you in your follow-up and help you know how interested an employer or recruiter is. ResumeStats.COM is much different than any other employer/recruiter site, or any other resume poster. This is a practical tool. ResumeStats.COM service empowers the job hunter.


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